卷之六 Book 6

妇人科 fùrén kē


调经 tiáojīng


经闭 jīngbì

Mentstrual block

血崩 xuè bēng

Excessive menstrual bleeding

带下 dài xià


虚劳 xūláo

Vacuity taxation

求嗣 qiú sì

Seeking heirs

Michael Johnson, translator

Pulse: For seeking heirs pulse, pay special attention to the feet. If the right foot is leaning significantly, fire is moving in lust; if the left foot is leaning significantly, the yin is unhappily empty. As for the pulse, only sinking, slippery and even pulses indicate ease at generating progeny. Small and choppy jing produces hesitancy and extreme cold. [Therefore] if [the pulse] appears small and choppy [the jing] will enter the chamber without strength; also, a woman is not good at giving birth when the chi pulse is choppy.
The one qi separates into yin and yang, causing differentiation amongst the 10,000 things, and yet alone humans are imbued with [intelligence], connecting Heaven and Earth's subtleties, reaching the mysteries of the Sages, examining the magic arts of the Immortals, in the end attaining the root of Transformation; nothing is what is not known! From PanGu [the progenitor] until today, humans have benefited from Fu Xi and Shen Nong's rulership, differentiated the vicissitudes of time and place, established ethical relations between spouses, named the whole [social] world, separated the emminent and the humble -- without sons to continue this ancestral legacy, who wouldn't grieve and so suffer? Imitating the generation between husband and wife, the root of yin and yang is the mysterious principle of Zi Ran [acting naturally]. This being so, [generation] does not come about due to cleverness or force.
Even so, the current trend is to adopt and heir early on rather than waiting. Or, greatly dishonoring the spirits [Guishen], they offer donations to Buddhist monks thinking this will assist in obtaining an heir. This is extremely foolish! The fact of the matter is that the 10,000 families are unable to take care of family holdings without the help of an heir. This is lamentable indeed. [Consequently,] those that have no heir and aren't motivated to search for one are few indeed. For this reason Meng Zi [Mencius] said: "There are three sorts of unfial behavior; to be without an heir is the worst." These words are true. [It seems there is a conflict between social necessity and existential ideals, here.]
As for seeking an heir, it is not meritorious to do it oneself. While the principles are clear and easy to know, people foolishly abscond with the theories of the Yellow Emperor and test the 100 families immortal recipes for the secrets to success, all the while being without a foundation to understand the words. This is how some go about it.
Rather [they should] seek the principles of conception and birth, the subtleties of timing and intercourse, and the doctrine of emptying the yin and venerating the yang. This method is especially focused on generating male children, avoiding rashes, promoting longevity in the child, and turning a female fetus into a male fetus.
As for lacking heirs, devote yourself to it; always examine the menstruation -- do so and one hundred [judgments] won't produce even two errors. As for marriage, concentrate on this -- one does not produce heirs alone. Common ways to allow the yang to prosper include stabilizing the semen by taking herbs and practicing techniques for to nourish the health. Without making these central, how can you say the text has been followed to the letter? The way of human relations is none other than our many Immortal Teachers' clever method: Really, do not lightly discharge semen and so betray the method. Treasure it! Treat it as though it is important!
According to the Yellow Emperor: How can a woman be old and not have given birth to sons and daughters? Often it is because sexual intercourse has damaged the zangfu; or perhaps the menstruation is obstructed due to cold in the Zi Gong; or perhaps her husband acting in an unrestrained fashion (sexually) weakened his yang and depleted his essence, so that in spite of his erections he is unable to ejaculate; or perhaps he cannot even get an erection and so work towards mutual orgasm. These are the reasons for not having children.
Or perhaps there was a birth in the prime of life, but the child died after six or seven years. How can one be old and without children? Most of all due to several women's illnesses which strain the body such that the blood vessels are dysregulated, so that although there is menstruation it is weak and feeble, and also there is difficulty holding onto the yang essence. In this last case, it is like having guests but not preparing. Many guests come and yet they are not entertained. The guests and host cannot both be satisfied. So how can the guests stay for long? This is another reason why it can be difficult to conceive. One must raise the yang, distribute the blood, warm the Zi Gong, deploy the semen skillfully, and emit semen only when robust thereby mutally arousing. Only after this can there be success. [This guest\host principle] causes those who are born on time to be average, those who are born early to be weak and feeble, and those who exceed the gestation time to be gifted!
Theory of the Proper Timing for Sex
Ordinarily, woman may reproduce from thirteen until forty-nine. As for reproducing in the fiftith year, it is the forty-ninth year's pregnancy.
According to the woman's age, there is the thirty-seven chances [50 minus 13] for intercourse. Estimate the generating-sons time based on the time bleeding starts. There are flows lasting two and a half days, and flows lasting three days, but if a women's blood is flourishing and her qi aggressive, then it may last for six or seven days; this being so, one cannot say for sure how long a flow will last. Even so, watch carefully to determine the color of the vaginal fluid.
To this end, use something pure white, perhaps one or another type of silk, press it into the vagina and having done so look upon it. If it is gold in color, then it is a good day for intercourse. If it is bright red in color, menses are not yet complete, and so it is an inferior time. If it is pale in color, the time has already passed. If only spoiled blood is exiting, then fresh blood is being generated; this is like when it's gold -- a good day for intercourse.
At the time of sexual intercourse, always release the semen at the proper time. If one releases the seed too early then the golden water will overfill the Zi Gong, obstructing it and so causing stasis. This is a case of the semen not fertilizing; no fetus will develop. That being said, if one waits too long then the Zi Gong will have shut and so there will be no door for the semen to enter through. In this case how could conception occur? This is what is called Spoiled Blood Stopping Completely, in which case the Zi Gong is hollow and empty. Until new blood is generated it is correct for the yang to wait. This is the light of the main road: Bestowing the semen at the right time is as though using a stove to refine gold, or cooking and fermenting a syrup; [practice proper timing and] implantation will always succeed!
Moreover: Conceiving on an odd day after the menses produces a male, while even-numbered days produce females. Don't try four days after! [Four is unlucky.] Also it is important that the semen be given between 11pm and 1am; this is the appropriate method. Afterwards, sleep through the night to refresh the qi and clarify the mind; at first yang [dawn?] conception will occur. According the old saying: "For conception, arousing the outside of the place of construction is right; at this time, give the semen; if one follows along then there will be conception [this is referring to mutual orgasm]. As for practicing restraint at this time, not following perfects the cinnabar pill." Furthermore, regarding the timing, the sky should be clear and the weather should be placid. Moreover, be sure to choose an auspicious day. When the virtuous day and month arrive, engage in intercourse. Following the above, one won't just conceive a child, but a gifted child, with excellent shen and qi such that his intelligence exceeds other men!
Clever Sexual Techniques to Achieve Conception
For a beautiful child one will want to refine the Golden Pill. First hit points to stimulate arousal. To form the fetus so that it is completed, one must understand the method of intercourse. First arouse the yang, then become passionate, then become hard, then collect the ingredients [of the pill], then pause the rhythm, then fill the cup to the brim, then be careful, then apply the technique; only then can the fetus be completed. Before having sex, one will want to plant the seed; first cut up red seal paper and reduce it to ashes, then blend it with rain water [Wu Gen Shui] and, being female, face east and take it down. Only then have intercourse.
Make husband and wife each drink until a bit drunk, and then begin foreplay. Perhaps tease each other with words, fondle with the hands and feet, remove each other's clothes, facing each other naked embrace one another -- one should see the movement of desire! But if the man's yang has yet to rise, take the splendor of the moon [vaginal fluid] and use some to encourage the yang. Then Fight for the Peach of Immortality, Bake in Embers to Cast the Saber, and Play the Zither while Riding a Horse, so as to beckon the male phoenix [Feng] to the edge. Only then have sexual intercourse.
令鼎气端睡正卧,甚勿偏斜。如泄精,却用五字之诀FS FS FS FS FS ,以使神于利害怒恶之地进退交合。
Cause the cooking tripod [dǐng -- the vagina, here] to be level and upright on the bed, without any slanting, and then ejaculate. Now use this five character rhymed formula: "[corrupted text]". Use this to cause terrible spirits to have a sense of propriety regarding the lovemaking.
Wait until the woman is happy, which will be apparent when her eyes are closed, her body is trembling, both cheeks are very red, the nose and mouth make cold air, and both hands are in bound in embrace; once she has drawn the bow [climaxed], come close to the nose and mouth and breathe in the female zhén qi. Now, employ Spiritual Joining, penetrating deeply with force, directly colliding Feng Huang and Ling Tai. The women's limbs and trunk will flail about ceaselessly, and slippery essence will overflow. This is the standard of well-satisfying a woman. When the Zi Gong opens the male also ejaculates.
If the yang is fully wrapped [climaxed] first, the yin is fixed generating a girl; if the yin is fully wrapped first, the yang is fixed generating a boy. This is called Yin and Yang securing, aiding and mutually flourishing; one seed, one son, one hundred seeds, one hundred sons, and every fetus brought to term [the track record of the method]. At the time of ejaculation always remember to suddenly bite the women's upper lip, surprising her, and so breathe out allowing the woman to inhale your breath. As with holding back feces and urine [hold back the semen], this is the rule of the semen beginning the merge with primal chaos and so completing the fetus!
Most don't consider that the Zi Gong has two acupuncture points. Male children are on the left side, female on the right. Entering the oven is on the left side, bestowing jing is also on the left. After intercourse, make the woman go into a deep sleep without movement. As for bending the left leg and so turning her onto her left side, a male fetus will develop. As for bending the right foot and so turning her onto her right side, a female fetus will deveop. When the time comes to eat or drink don't move. At the time of having intercourse, cause the cauldron and utensils to have previously urinated, after intercourse one should not pass water. This is how to settle and complete a fetus without mistake! Moreover, unless using the Robust Yang Defeating the Yin technique, if the woman has abundant yin but her husband is old and in decline, how could one have the yin essence arrive first to be sure to generate a son?

Birth Contraindications and Secrets to Success
If birth has already occurred, yin and yang's jing is still unmixed; all over there is one qi, without mixing. Pulse: If the jing and blood are as a tender stamen, then the child will enjoy longevity; if its movement is easily restricted, then the child will take easily to change -- in which case the number one fear is of wind evil entering inside, and so damaging the infant's qi.
Things to avoid after intercourse: carrying heavy weights, passing by precipitous drops, profound anger, greatly laughing, becoming startled. Why is this important? As for the fetus becoming fixed and settled, in the first month it resembles white dew, and in the second peach blossoms, only after the third month is the sex determined. One should undertake to quietly watch over this process, and comfortably await it. Therefore it is said: "Be invariably calm." This is the reason. If the fetus is poorly settled, then it will move rebelliously and disadvantageously shake, having been effected by wind entering the Zi Gong. This is like when a flowering fruit tree meets with wind, cold, fog and dew; the flowers will not produce fruit. And if they do manage to produce fruit it will surely generate wind worms and fall [from the tree].
After the fetus is knotted in, it is necessary that it link and join, or else it won't complete. And even once it is complete, wind can render it unable to be strong and true, so that if there is no miscarriage then surely there will be umbilical tetanus. Never has it been that wind worms have settled in and yet there has been a successful birth. Or that if the fetus was linked and joined, that it didn't become subjected to toxic filth. Or that if the child was born, that its head wasn't covered with sores. Be very careful! Tread fearfully!

Before Three Months Pass, Woman Becomes Pregnant with a Son Rhymed-Mnemonic
In the Southeast there is a kind of bamboo used to make hatchets;
When your husband's penis resembles this, use it to make yourself pregnant.
To become pregnant the woman should face down and the knife up,
Buried within such that it cannot be seen; a son will be conceived.
If the chicken nest is in the bottom place,
Completely filling it will produce a rooster. [?]
Draping oneself atop the penis as one would a horse,
The true yang points up, producing Immortal sons.
Prolific of sons, Xuan Cao produces East-facing blooms;
These flowers bear the children.
Wearing a bowstring around the waist on the hundreth day of pregnancy
Frequently turns a female into a male.
Have your husband clip his fingernails
Then spread them on a mat beneath yourself; the child will become male.
As for the rooster's long tail, pull on it twice,
Then put it in the proper place beneath the sheets; a son will be conceived immediately.
The Yellow Emperor, bounded only by the clouds, passed down these techniques.
All [cultivation methods [a pun]] have worked.
This is truly the Big Path of Human Relations;
If one is visited by disfavor, though, remember -- as it has been passed down -- none can assist Destiny.

Using the Ba Gua to Compute the Sex Rhymed Mnemonic
Be sure that the father's years exceed the mother's;
The month in which the fetus is conceived is taken as the prime signifier.
Qian, Kan, Gen and Zhen mean male; Xun, Li, Kun and Dui mean female.
If the computation is male and the birth female, then death at three, six or nine years.
If the computation is female and the birth male, then eventually he will be harried by ghosts.
If the computation matches the actual sex, then there will be indescribably long life.
A married women's path begins with seeking a son. As for seeking sons, none can do so without first regulating the menstrual function. As for each time one sees a married women without a son, it is the case that sometimes her menses is early, sometime late, sometimes easy, sometimes is painful at the start, sometimes is painful at the end, sometimes there is purple blood, sometimes black, sometimes thin, sometimes thick; this is dysregulation. Without regulating the menses, the blood and qi are perverse and contrary and so are ill-suited to conception.

As for a women being without a child, there are many causes [such as] blood and qi being completely empty such that the health of body and mind cannot be maintained.
Fat people have too much phlegm, body fat full to overflowing, closes off the Zi Gong; govern this by dissolving phelgm, nourishing the blood, arranging the qi [using] the four substances decoction adding Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Chen Pi, Zhi Shi, Ban Xia, Sha Ren, Xiang Fu, Gan Cao, and Zhu Li. Thin people have much fire; the Zi Gong is dry and without blood; govern appropriately by clearing heat and enriching the blood; four substances decoction adding Ren Shen, Fu Ling, Huang Qin, Shan Zhi, Xiang Fu, Sheng Di, Gan Cao, and Chen Pi.
Regulate Menses to Cultivate Jade Decoction (Regulate the Menses to Cultivate Seeds, out of 100 tries, hits the mark 100 times)
Dang Gui (wine-washed), Chuan Xiong (each four qian)
Shu Di Huang (six qian)
Xiang Fu (fried, six qian)
Bai Shao (wine-fried, three qian)
Bai Fu Ling (remove the skin, three qian)
Chen Pi (three qian)
Wu Zhu Yu (fried, four qian)
Mu Dan Pi, Xuan Hu Suo [Yan Hu Suo] (three qian each)

If the menses arrive and the menstrual flow color is light, then it is the case that the blood is empty and there is cold; [in this case] add Guan Gui [Rou Gui] fried with Gan Jiang and Ai Ye (each two qian); if earlier than three to five days the color becomes purple, add three qian of Tiao Qin. [twig of Huang Qin?]
The above makes for four doses. For each dose use three slices of Sheng Jiang and one and half bowls of water; decoct until there remains one bowl; take warm on an empty stomach. Decoct the sediment a second time, rest after taking. Wait to dose until the menses begin; one day, one dose. The herbs are used up with the end of menstruation. Then engage in sexual intercourse; one will immediately become pregnant. If one doesn't become pregnant, menstruation should again be adjusted; wait for the menses to come again and take four more doses, then doubtlessly one will become pregnant!

Seed to Help the Yang Pill (Regular use eases the qi, nourishes the blood, regulates the vessels, benefits the Zi Gong, cures abdominal pain, and eliminates leukorrhea; this pill has proven repeatedly effective)
Xiang Fu Mi (four liang, four preparations: one liang vinegared, one liang soaked in wine, one liang rice-water soaked, one liang soaked in child's urine; each for three days, dry over a fire and powder)
Yi Mu Cao (two liang)
Dang Gui (wine-washed, one liang and a half)
Chuan Xiong (one liang)
Bai Shao (salt- and wine-fried, one liang three qian)
Shu Di Huang (two liang, fried in ginger juice)
Chen Pi (remove the white, one liang)
Ban Xia (soaked in ginger juice, fried in sesame oil, one liang)
Bai Zhu (remove the [stalk?], fry in soil, one liang and a half)
E Jiao (fried with powderd clam shell to make pearls, one liang)
Ai Ye (vinegar boiled, one liang)
Tiao Qin (wine-fried, one liang)
Mai Men Dong (remove the heart, one liang)
Mo Yao (five qian)
Mu Dan Pi (wine-washed, one liang)
Chuan Xu Duan (wine-washed, one liang)
Xiao Hui (salt- and wine-fried, five qian)
Xuan Hu Suo [Yan Hu Suo] (four qian)
Wu Zhu Yu (quick-fried five qian)
Zhi Gan Cao (two qian)
Bai Fu Ling (remove the skin, one liang)
Make a fine powder from the above; make into a paste with wine and form pills, each the size of Wu Tong Zi. Every dose is 100 pills; on an empty stomach take down with water used to wash rice.
Katydid Superb Treasure Pill
Governs women's dysregulation of menstrual flow, cold pain in the navel and abdomenal regions, red and white leukorrhea, all empty cold diseases, and longtime childlessness. Pregnancy follows immediately upon taking this pill; has proven effective with repeated use.
Huang [?] (honey roasted)
Ren Shen (remove [the stalk?])
Bai Zhu (remove [the stalk?])
Bai Fu Ling (remove the skin)
Dang Gui (wine-soaked)
Chuan Xiong
Bai Shao (wine-fried)
Rou Gui
Da Fu Zi [Bing Lang] (wheat flour wrap, fire in embers, remove the wrapping)
Gan Jiang (fried)
Hu Jiao
Xiao Hui Xiang (salt- and wine-fried)
Pu Gu Zhi [Bu Gu Zhi] (wine-fried)
Ai Ye (vinegar-fried)
Wu Yao (fried) (use two liang each of all the above)
Wu Zhu Yu (three liang, brine-fried)
Xiang Fu (six liang, vinegar-fried)
Cang Zhu (four liang, soaked in water used to wash rice and so fried)
Gan Cao (roasted, one liang)
Add the above medicinals to a cauldron in thin slices. Taking one white-feathered, black-skinned chicken weighing one and one half jin, or perhaps two jin, wring its neck and so kill it. Next, cover it in water, removing the feathers, intestines and fecal matter; equally, the head, feet, and sharp pieces of the wing are not used; put the chicken in a clay baking pot; put the chicken in first and the medicinals on top of it; put in good wine and boil until somewhat tender; take and remove the bones and the medicinals, and dry-fry these over a fire to make a powder; take the cooked chicken, broth and all, and mix with rice porridge; from this form a paste, and then pills the size of Wu Tong Zi. One dose is fifty pills; take on an empty stomach with good wine. [Presumably the powdered bones and herbs are mixed in the porridge -- the text doesn't explicitly say so.]

Women's Gold Pill
Dang Gui (wine-soaked)
Chuan Xiong
Bai Shao (wine-fried)
Ren Shen (remove [the stalk?])
Bai Zhu (remove [the stalk?])
Bai Fu Ling (remove the skin)
Gui Xin [Rou Gui]
Gen [?]
Bai Wei
Bai Zhi
Mu Dan Pi
Chi Shi Zhi (ground separately)
Xuan Hu Suo [Yan Hu Suo]
Mo Yao (ground seperately)
Gan Cao (each in equal parts)
Take each of the above medicinals in equal parts. Remove the resinous stones, grinding Mo Yao separately; soak the others together in pure wine for three days, then either fire- or sun-dry. Make into a powder; this is adequate for fifteen liang. Outside of this, use Xiang Fu Mi, removing the skin and hair, and soak in water and vinegar for three days, briefly fry and then powder; this is adequate for fifteen liang. Join together the above twelve flavors [twelve?], gently sifting them with a fine gauze, then mix with honey and form pills the size of marbles. Seal these in a stoneware or ceramic vessel. One dose is seven pills; take the first pill on an empty stomach before the cock's crow. First gargle either Bo He or tea [Camellia sinensis], then finely chew [the pill], using warm wine or clear soup to take it down. Keep it down with salty things or dried fruit.
Take Until Forty Nine Pill; makes one preparation
Uses menstruation to adjust and level fertility to a degree. If pregnant, then take one pill every three days. If post-partum, take one pill every two days.
One recipe removes Mo Yao and adds Chen Xiang.
Governs women who have been without children or without even conception for a long time, and also all post-partum illnesses; men of advanced age whose qi and blood, and hands and feet have become paralyzed, hemiplegia; metrorrhagia, leukorrhea, post-partum abdominal knotting pain; vomiting, stomach pain; and women's various illnesses of insufficiency; chest and abdominal pain are equally governed.
One recipe removes the Gui [Rou Gui?] and uses Shu Di Huang.
Pills are the size of Wu Tong Zi. Use dry things to keep it down.
Every dose is fifteen pulls; take on an empty stomach with warm wine or clear soup. [The ingredients are missing from this recipe.]

One Hundred Children Construct the Middle Pill
Women take this medicinal to regulate menses, nourish blood, prevent miscarriage, and ease the qi; also for inattention to the baby pre- and post-partum, irregular period, and surfeit or inadequate menstrual flow; without exception [this pill] governs these.
Zhen E Jiao (two liang, fried in clam shell powder to make pearls)
Ai Ye (two liang, remove the fiber and stalk, vinegar-cooked to make a juice)
Xiang Fu Mi (twelve liang, pound to remove skin and hair, vinegar-soak, dry-fry)
Shu Di Huang (ginger juice soaked and baked, two liang)
Nan Chuan Xiong (two liang)
Bai Shao Yao (wine-fried, two liang)
Dang Gui (wine-soaked, two liang)
Powder the above medicinals and form honey pills the size of Wu Tong Zi. One dose is eighty pills; take on an empty stomach with boiled water and perhaps a small amount of vinegar. In case of interior cold, take down with warm wine.
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (This recipe seems to nourish and benefit.)
Governs women who have been unable to conceive for a long time; [if] one adds two liang of Xiang Fu fried in child's urine [it is] especially effective.

Consolidate the Root, Strengthen the Yang Pill
As for ordinary people without children, many are desolate of jing and blood, and perhaps congenitally weak. As for those who are congentially healthy, they may have overworked such that the kidney water is owing in prosperity, and so cannot shoot straight at the Zi Gong [regarding ejaculation]; [they are] therefore childless. Indeed, blood insuffiency and empty cold are deserving of endless blame.
Tu Si Zi (wine-boiled, one and one half liang)
[Portion inextant]...-soaked, remove heart, two liang)
Xu Duan (wine-soaked), Yuan Zhi (prepared), She Chuang Zi (fried, remove husk); (each one and one half liang)
Add: Ren Shen (two liang), Gou Qi Zi (three liang)
Grind the above into a powder, and form honey pills the size of Wu Tong Zi. One dose is fifty or seventy pills; take on an empty stomach with salted broth or wine. Lie down after taking the medicine.
If women's flow has recently stopped, this is the seeding time; can dose three times without harm.
If the jing isn't consolidated add Long Gu and fired Mu Li, dipped in salted wine three to five times; use one liang two qian of each; moreover add five qian of Lu Rong.
As for Mister Liu Xiao Ting, he went forty years without a son. His yang was weak, his jing was as cold-water. He sought a cure from me, saying: "Sir, please look to my recuperation; I am willing to undergo the severist of treatments if it produces a son."
Reason for diagnosis:
Both cun pulses flooded, both chi pulses were sunken and thin without strength: the true source was feeble due to dissipation from excess.
Used Consolidate the Root, Strengthen the Yang Pill, adding Ren Shen, Fu Zi, Gou Qi Zi, Fu Pen Zi (two liang each). Prepared each material, dosed the maximum, and next month he felt warmer than before. Again prepared, dosed one half and then stopped. Sure enough, he conceived, generating a son, and was very happy. All have gotten complete satisfaction from this treatment. Afterwards I handed it down to Liu Bai Ting and Liu Min An who also had success with this pill.

妊娠 rèn shēn


产育 chǎnyù

Delivery and feeding of infants

小产 xiạ̌ochǎn


产后 chǎnhòu


乳病 rǔ hòu

Illnesses of breastfeeding

乳岩 rǔyán

Mammary rock

妇人诸病 fùrén zhū bìng

Various other women's diseases