卷之五 Book 5

头痛 tóu tòng


须发 xū fà

Beard and hair

Michael Johnson, translator

The beard belongs to the kidney, and so receives water qi; therefore it grows downard.
The hair belongs to the heart, and so receives fire qi; therefore grows upward.
In the mountains there are drunkards everywhere who are still as children, ones who have gotten good fortune just like the old men of Penglai. Take one sheng of malin flowers, bury for three days, take off the roots, wash and slice;
Prepare two liters [dou] of course rice porridge and add Chen Qu (two pieces, powdered); ferment with wine in two bowls, first blending in Ma Lin Zi. Wait for the wine to ripen. Others use Ma Lin Zi mixed with its root (one sheng), cooked in water brought to a boil ten times; then, adding the wine and they wait three days. Each day they mix the brew. Then, they remove the root, and drink until they're drunk. Once the wine is used up the beard and hair are completely black. The color of this wine is laquer-black.

Black Beard Wine Recipe
Huang Mi (three dou)
Huai Qu (ten pieces)
Mai Men Dong (remove the heart, eight liang)
Tian Men Dong (remove the heart, two liang)
Ren Shen (remove the stalk, one liang)
Sheng Di (four liang)
Shu Di (two liang)
Gou Qi Zi (two liang)
He Shou Wu (four liang)
Niu Xi (remove the stalk, one liang)
Dang Gui (two liang)

Make each of the above into a powder, gently add to a yeasted porriage and seal in a vat, wait for the beer to ripen, and squeeze out an extract as one would ordinarily do. Drink three cups everyday early in the morning. Avoid white wine, radishes, onions and garlic.

Proven Effective Black Beard Recipe:
Can change white hair into black, light body into heavy body; its merits cannot be fully told.
Every year in the winter, during the tenth month, 9 and 10 stem days, face east and pick red, plump Gou Qi Zi, 20 sheng, and pound and smash them until there are no fine particles, making a wine of two jin; put this inside a bottle, let sit for twenty one days and then open the seal; add three sheng of Sheng Di Huang juice and mix such that they are well-blended; use three layers of paper to seal the mouth (of the bottle). That's it until thirty days prior to Lichun, at which point open the bottle, empty the contents, warm and drink one cup [a day?]. Once Lichun has past, moustache and beard will all be black.
Do not eat turnips, onions or garlic. Avoid these and the medicine will be effective. If one does this every year, one will bear old age with incomparable ease!

Five Old Yet Young Pill
A recipe for suffering with white hair on the temples resembling frost, and wanting hair black as the original to replace it. One does not need to polish the teeth or dye the hair; all comes from these five flavors joining yin and yang; Chi Shi Zhi fried with Chuan Jiao, Chen sha--this flavor is extremely good--Fu Shen can calm the heart and center the blood, (and an equal amount of Ru Xiang). Using date flesh make pills the size of Wu Tong Zi; on an empty stomach take fifteen pills down with warm wine, twice. After ten doses, stop and take note: assuredly grey hair will have blackened and become glossy. [This pill can] simultaneously can brighten the eyes and prolong life; old men become as young boys.
In the above recipe, powder one liang of each of the above ingredients together. Cook Hong Zao (remove the skin and pit); use the flesh to make pills. Take with wine on an empty stomach.

Han Lian Pill

Han Lian juice (use half a jin of sun-cooked juice)
Sheng Jiang (the juice of two jin, sun-cooked, making for 1/2 jin)
Sheng Di Huang (two jin, suncook 1/2 jin of wine-soaked-root juice)
Xi Xin (one liang)
Po [Bu] Gu Zhi (one jin, fried on the surface)
Du Zhong (1/2 jin, fired)
Wu Jia Pi (wine-soaked, 1/2 jin)
Chi Fu Ling (peeled and sliced, milk-soaked, 1/2 jin)\
Gou Qi Zi (four liang)
Chuan Xiong (four liang)
Mo Yao (two liang)
Make a thin powder of the above, shell one half jin of Tao Ren and take a similar quantity of Da Zao, blend all into pills, the size of WuTongZi. Take fifty pills daily, drinking it down with rice wine.

Pengzhen Longevity Pill
Nourishes the heart, generates blood, enriches the kidneys, induces virility, blackens beard and hair, moistens skin and muscle, returns the old to youth, lengthens years increases longevity, and cultivates seed.
Da Chen Sha (fine ground, collected through sedimentation, one liang)
Bu Gu Zhi (wine-soaked and fired, two liang)
He Tao Ren (peeled and fired, four liang, beaten remove the oil)
Du Zhong (ginger-wine-fired, two liang)
Niu Xi (remove the reed, wash in wine, one liang)
Tian Men Dong (remove the heart, one liang)
Mai Men Dong (remove the heart, one liang)
Sheng Di Huang (wine-washed, two liang)
Shu Di Huang (two liang)
Dang Gui (wine-washed, one liang)
Bai Fu Ling (peeled, powdered, sedimentation processed, sun dried, cooked in human milk and again sun-dried)
Chuan Xiong (one liang)
Yuan Zhi (soaked in licorice water, remove the heart, one liang)
石菖蒲(去毛,盐水浸)巴戟(酒浸去梗,一两)白茯神(去皮木,同煎,茯苓一样制)。青盐(一两)、黄柏(盐水炒,二两)小茴香(盐水炒,一两)知母(酒炒,去毛,二两 )
Shi Chang Pu (remove the hair, brine soaked)
Ba Ji (wine-soaked, remove the stalk, one liang)
Bai Fu Shen (remove the woody skin, fry together with the Yuan Zhi, in equal parts)
Lake Salt (one liang)
Huang Bai (brine fry, two liang)
Xiao Hui Xiang (brine fired, one liang)
Zhi Mu (wine-fired, remove the hair, two liang)

Chuan Jiao (four liang, lightly fired, remove the seeds, leave the white aside)
Ru Xiang (bamboo-roasted, one liang)
Lian Shen [?] (one liang)
Huang Jing (boil in water used to wash rice, remove the messy white part, slice with a bamboo knife and dry in the sun; also use fourteen liang of Han Lian, two liang of Sheng Jiang, getting the juice from each, combine with wine [making] three flavors, convert to a paste by soak the Huang Jing (in this) for half a day, then fry to a dark blue or green color; four liang)
He Shou Wu (the shape of melon seeds; emptying the contents of the flower, pound open seeds of both colors, and steam over black soybean water; nine times steaming, nine times sun-drying; then soak in human milk, and sun-dry; four liang)
Make a powder from the above twenty six flavors; mix with honey to make pills, the size of Wu Tong Zi. Take seventy pills every day on an empty stomach, taking them down with either brine or wine. One region adds Shan Zhu Yu, Gou Qi Zi, Tu Si Zi, Shan Yao, and Bai Zi Ren, one liang each. This preparation is especially effective.

Lesser Pellets of Returning Black to the Hair

Head grows boy hair (four liang, wine-boiled to a paste)
Chuan Wu, He Shou Wu, Cao Wu, Gan Qi, Cinnabar, Iron Dust (one and one half liang each)
Chuan Jiao (four and one half liang)
Yang Qi Shi (two liang)
Hu Jiao (five qian)
Take the above nine flavors and powder together; mix in Child's Hair and blend; seal in a jar on the sunny-side of the city wall; cook in a mulberry wood fire until the jar is reddish; bury in a shady place; remove after seven days and use:
Gou Qi Zi (three liang)
Sheng Di Huang (wine-soaked, three liang)
Bai Zi Ren (three liang)
He Tao Ren (three liang, wheatbran-fried until yellow)
She Xiang (three fen, wheatflour-wrapped and cooked in Gan Cao embers until the wheatfour is done)
Mix the above and make a fine powder. Each dose is one qian, taken down with good wine. After 100 days, the beard and hair will be pitch black and the face will be rosy. Thereafter, dose every three or seven days; taking it for a long, long time; it's merits are beyond description.

Eight Treasures Pill with Additional Flavors (Li Cang Xi passed this down)
Han Lian Paste (four liang)
He Shou Wu (half a jin, use it fresh)
Mei Shi Zi (four liang)
Tian Men Dong (remove the heart, pound into a paste, four liang)
Mai Men Dong (remove the heart, pound into a paste, four liang)
Lian Xin (two liang)
Ma Zi (fry atop a new earthen tile until fragrant, four liang)
He Tao Ren (four liang, remove the shell)
Fish Egg Case (four liang, break apart and fry until it looks like pearls in the pot)
Fresh Sheng Di Huang (half a jin, beat into a juice)
Shu Di Huang (four liang, pound until completely mashed)
Huai Jiao Dou (four liang, soaked in the bile from a black ox, and dry roasted on an earthen tile)
Taking the above, make a fine powder, and mix with honey to make pellets the size of Wu Tong Zi. Every day take 70 or 80 pills on an empty stomach; take down with and brine or yellow wine.

Dye the Outside Black Paste
Wu Bei Zi (fry until black, one qian)
Tong Mo (vinegar fried, five times)
Bai Fan (freshly ground)
(these last three in three equal parts, ground)
Mix the above evenly; decoct with a stong tea [chá] until harmonized, making a watery paste. Bring this to a boil several times and then add a small amount of strong white wine. First wash the bread and hair with Zao Jiao [honey locust] water, then apply the medicine, allowing it to stay in over night. Very effective. The next morning gently wash it out with tea [chá]. The hair will be as black as lacquer. Do this for three nights and then only once every ten days or half month.

Black Beard Recipe
Guan Fen (one liang and 2.5 qian)
Bai Fan (three qian)
Shui Fen (one qian; first melt one qian of Hei Qian, then put in the Shui Fen, and grind together to a fine powder)
Zhang Nao (two fen)
She Xiang (one fen)
Bai Cao Shuang (eight fen)
Qing Fen (three fen)
Duan Shi (two qian)

The above eight flavors are made into a fine powder and then blended with salt water; bring to a rolling boil and then spread on beard; let cook until there is some fragrance and then wash out.

Golden Haired Lion Falling from Tree Tops, Black Beard Twisting in Fingers Herbal Recipe
Use tin dust sifted with a fine gauze, one qian; add one qian of mercucy, and grind until individual particles cannot be seen; remove the top from one sour pomegranate, take the pulp therefrom and mix evenly before adding the powdered medicinals and again mixing evenly; use the unprocessed pomegranate top as a secure seal on the inside; on the outside use paper; adding San Qi inside completes the juice. Wrap the fingers in the [placental?] skin and then twist the juice into the beard. Prior to twisting it in, wash the beard and hair. After wiping them dry, apply the herbs.
[It seems the concoction is actually stored in the pomegranate.]

Apply to Teeth, Blacken Beard Recipe
Lake Salt (one liang)
Mei Shi Zi (one qian)
Xi Xin (two qian)
Po [Bu] Gu Zhi (one liang, fry until fragrant)
Di Gu Pi (one liang)
Shu Di Huang (one liang, wine-soak for three days, dry over a fire in a clay pot and make a powder)
Huai Jiao Zi (one liang)
Bai Yao Jian (once qian)
Grind the above medicianls together into a fine powder, in all eight flavors; every morning apply to teeth and then swallow the medicine down. Requires one month to work; do not leave a gap of even one day. Apply each day, do not stop. For one month pluck out every white hair in the bear and hair, when it grows back it will surely be black, and will never again be white. Moreover, can brighten eyes and consolidate teeth. Miraculous effect.
First month, the forth, fourteenth and seventeenth days
Second month, the eighth, fourteenth, twenty-first days
Third month, the eighth, tenth and eleventh and thirtith days
Fourth month, the second, tenth, eighteenth, nineteeth days
Fifth month, the sixteenth, twentith days
Sixth month, the fourth, seventeenth, twenty-forth and twenty-ninth days
Seventh month, the third, fourth, eighteenth, and twenty-eighth days
Eighth month, the fifteenth and ninteenth days
Ninth month, the second, forth, fifteenth, and twenty-fifth days
Tenth month, the seventh, tenth, thirteenth, and twenty-second days
Eleventh month, the tenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, and thirtith days
Twelfth month, the seventh, tenth, sixteenth and twentith days.
[Perhaps the hair plucking schedule?]

Hair Combing Recipe
百药煎诃子针砂(各一钱)石榴皮核桃青皮垂杨柳叶 i矾(各一钱)
Decoct all the medicinals
He Zi
Zhen Sha
(each one qian)
Shi Liu Pi, He Tao, Qing Pi, Chui Yang Liu Ye, Bai Fan (each one qian)
Take all the above and grind together into a fine powder; first adding salt, vinegar, and tea, decoct the herbs in two large bowls; then seal the brew in bottles for ten days; comb through the hair will dye it completely black; use walnut oil to lubricate it until completely bright.

Black Beard Secret Recipe
Use one bottle of sesame oil, and the oil of twenty or thirty walnuts; remove the hull and take the flesh; taking ten or twenty ancient copper coins, soak these in the oil and then bury the mixture two feet in the earth. After one year remove it. Putting the oil atop the temple will immdediately blacken the hair.

As for one Confucian scholar, he become angry after being forced to work by corvee, and so his eyebrows fell out. I considered him to have taxed the jing and blood, due to rising yin fire, and so used Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, adding Mai Men [Dong], Wu Wei [Zi?], and also Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, adding Wu Wei [Zi?]. Immediately his eyebrow grew as before.

One boy of twelve, his hair completely fell out. Used Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. Not long after hair grew one inch. After some months it returned to normal. (Using the above recipe shows great benefit.)

面病 miàn bìng

Diseases of the face

耳病 ěr bìng

Diseases of the ear

鼻病 bí bìng

Diseases of the nose

口舌 kǒu shé

Mouth and tongue

牙齿 yá chǐ


眼目 yǎn mù


Michael Johnson, translator

Pulse: As for the eyes, the root of fire diseases are the several excesses of the heart and liver. In such cases the ministerial fire rushes superficially in the the right guan pulse.
Now, as for people having two eyes, it is the case that this is just like the sky having sun and moon. Looking upon the 10,000 things, observing every detail, is anything greater? [?-last clause] As for the sun and the moon having a short time of obscurity, unlucky wind, clouds and thunderstorms cause this.
As for the eyes becoming blind, this harm is caused by the four qi and seven emotions. Generally, the eyes are the essence of the five zang, [which are] most important of the whole body; therefore the five zang are divided among the five wheels, [and also] the eight guas [the trigrams], called the eight outlines.
As for the five wheels [wu lun], the liver belongs to wood and is called the wind wheel; in the eye is represented by the dark of the eye [iris?]. The heart belongs to fire and is called the fire wheel; in the eye it is represented by the two [canthi?]. The spleen belongs to earth and is called the flesh wheel; in the eye it is represented by the the upper and lower eyelids. The lungs belong to metal and are called the qi wheel; in the eye they are represented by the white of the eye. The kidney belong to water and are called the water wheel; in the eye they are represented by the pupil.
As for the eight outlines, these are have no name. The gallbladder fu is heaven outine [qian]; the bladder fu is earth's outline [kun]; the mingmen's fu is the water outline [kan]; the small intestine fu is the fire outline [li]; the kidney fu is the wind outline [xun]; the spleen fu is the thunder outline [zhen]; the large intestine fu is the mountain outline [gen]; the sanjiao fu is the marsh outline [dui].
While the above are the root of the eyes, the face is the envelope of the five zang. Perhaps it accumulates windheat; perhaps the qi of the seven emotions congeals and doesn't scatter, upwardly attacking the eyes, each [emotion] travelling to the part of eye governed by its relevant zang; perhaps they are red and swollen and so painful; perhaps light-shyness leaves the eyes astringed shut and hard to open; perhaps a cloud has lowered [over the vision] obstructing from the inside -- a white film hiding the eye, a common disease late in life.
To regulate these, [one] must investigate what is causing it. If there is wind then disperse it. If there is heat, then clear and cool it. If the qi is knotted, then regulate and order it. If there is a concealing obstruction, cause it to recede bit by bit. If there is pain and swelling, then eliminate and surpress it. In broad strokes, this is how to treat the eye.
Considering this everything bright paste [below]: Unifies the interior wu xing [five phases] with the exterior wu xing. Because emptiness and repletion have differing strategies, consider the relative importance of new and old [symptoms]. Differentiate between the old and young, and so do not cleave to one regular [course of treatment]; use flexibility, and so following the disease, add and subtract [from treatment]. While the names of eye disease are numerous, what is governed by this medicine omits nothing. But do not use cool medicinals to chill the face -- lest the blood not travel freely -- out of fear that this will turn into chronic disease.
Moreover, empty kidneys causes the eyesight to dim; it's appropriate to nourish and warm the lower yuan [qi], and so benefit the kidney water. Although this is so, still one must distiguish between south and north. As for north region people's eye troubles, they are very numerous. All risk sandstorms by day, and by night sleep in baking heat; the joining and steaming of these two qis makes it so. To govern such illnesses it is suitable to use Lian Qiao. The north region is different from the south for this reason. [In the south], after contracting smallpox in early childhood, the poisons remain in the heart and liver channels; one is unable to see for the reason of this heat attacking the eyeball. The vision is dim, and it is common to see black flowers [cloverleaf pupil?]; facing wind there is much tearing; difficulties opening the eye; some women's eyes suddenly turn red when the wind leaves their faces.

Perhaps because angry qi wounds the heart and lung channels, over the course of time the vision will be concealed due to a corneal opacity. And because of following the same old routine and so not seeking a cure, the opacity will gradually thicken until the vision is totally obstructed. At this point there will be life-long harm! Use one drop of this Everything Bright Paste [below], and it will be like wind blowing the clouds from the sky. When the sun appears brightly, how can things not shine? The people have a saying when breaking ground, that if ghosts and spirits are violated they will haunt you, so be sure to pray for good fortune. This a fallacy of simpletons, not the theory of learned doctors. Due to such things, most people accept blindness, believing it to be caused by haunting and the like, whereas the wise appropriately look into the details and [properly] diagnose it. Give drops of the following two medicinals (listed below) == my own mother has used them repeatedly with extraordinary results. They have been widely passed down in order to benefit society. Those who obtain them are truly treasuring their health.
As for the eye, it is the five zang and six fu's essence. If bright red, with red flesh heaping up, the heart channel has excess heat. If pale red with swelling of the thin red vessels, the heart channel has empty heat. As for [cataracts], it is a liver illness. As for obstruction of the eye by a red, sinewy membrane, it is a lung illness. As for the area around the eyeball wrapping it such that it looks like a peach, this is a spleen illness. As for tearing in the face of the wind, and seeing flowers [see prior comment] when changing positions, this is a kidney illness.
With heat and pain it is the case that there is repletion heat in the liver. With light sensitivity, there is spleen repletion. As for seeing unreal things, this is spleen vacuity. As for there being much hard eye gunk, the lung is repletion. As for watery gunk, the lung is empty. As for trichiasis, there is spleen wind. As for pterygium, there is heart heat. As for night-blindness, this is when one can see during the day but not at night. As for glaucoma, the pupil is black and the white part is bright, yet looking directly at things one sees nothing.

As for what has been handed down in the treatment of eye disease, this is the absolute best recipe.
1000 pieces of gold unchangingly, everything bright paste
Huang Lian (drains heart fire)
Dang Gui (circulates blood, brighten eyes)
Mu Zei (governs curling hair contrary lashes [trichiasis])
Qianghuo (governs pterygium, and so disperses and scatters)
Fang Feng (expels wind qi)
Tian Ma (governs light-shyness and fear of the sun)
Bai Ji Li (governs an eye that is hidden and astringed and so difficult to open)
Gan Ju Hua (governs interior wind obstructing brightness of the eyes)
Qing Xiang Zi (governs interior qi obstruction)
Jing Jie (governs blood pouring into the pupil)
Chu Shi Zi (governs pterygium, nourishing deficiency)
Chi Shao Yao (nourished blood, stops pain)
Long Dan Cao (drains liver fire)
Da Huang (drains stomach fire)
Chan Tui (eliminates wind, removes obstruction)

Gou Qi Zi (removes wind, brightens eyes)
Cao Jue Ming (governs vision concealed as though by a cloud)
Mi Meng Hua (recedes concealed [vision], eliminates darkness)
Zhi Mu (enriches the kidney water and so brightens the eyes)
Fang Ji (governs wind evil and so eliminates heat)
Bai Shao Yao (generates blood, draws down heat, and so puts the liver channel in proper order)
Fu Ling (harmonizes the middle, nourishes heart blood)
Sang Bai Pi (drains lung fire)
Niu Bang Zi (brightens eyes, eliminates what-conceals)
Mai Men Dong (eliminates what-conceals and removes heart and liver heat)
Bei Mu (Properly orders the lung channel and so dissolves phlegm)
Ku Ting Li (Connects with the lung channel, reducing swelling and pain, brightens the eyes)

Qing Yan [Lake Salt] (Enriches kidney water and so brightens the eyes)
Xuan Fu Hua (governs bladder water and also can expel wind)
Rui Ren (eliminates redness and heat)
Huai hua (reduces swelling and so eliminates heat)
Wu Wei Zi (Enrishes kidney, nourishing deficiency, generates body fluid, brightens eyes)

Lian Qiao (Eliminates heart firem drains heat from all the channels, reduces swelling)
Ai Ye (gets rid of wind)
Shi Chang Pu (opens heart orifices and so brightens eyes)
Bai Zhi (gets rid of wind from the face)
Ye Ming Sha (gets rid of dim vision and so brightens the eyes)

Chi Shi Zhi (has the effect of properly ordering the stomach, also can stop pain)
Che Qian Zi (Brigthens the eyes, recedes what-conceals)
(Use the above, each one liang)
Huang Qin (eliminates dampheat, if dry then drains liver fire)
Huang Bai (descends fire, enriches yin)
Zhi Zi ([these last] three flavors get rid of eye-coating and dispel heat)
Du Huo (governs pupil flowering [see prior comment])
Chuan Xiong (governs wind obstruction and headache)
Bai Fu Zi (governs cold tearing when facing the wind)
Sheng Di Huang (clears the blood)
Shu Di Huang (nourishes the blood)

Ben [?] (gets rid of dryness, governs eye-middle generating sores)
Yuan Zhi (brightens eyes, recedes dimming)
Bo He (gets rid of evil, clears wind, dispels toxin)
Xi Xin (gets rid of wind, brightens eyes)
Chai Hu (disperses and scatters, and so governs all kinds of inner eye diseases)
Jie Geng (descends qi, also properly orders the lung channel)

Hu Huang Lian (descends fire, gets rid of heat)
Gu Jing Cao (gets rid of cloudy veiling, benefits eyes)
Cang Zhu (evens the stomach and so gets rid of wind and damp)
Tian Men Dong (stops bleeding and so supplements vacuity)
Shi Gao (gets rid of wind-heat, clears stomach fire)

Bai Bu (gets rid of lung fire)
Xing Ren (connects to intestine, moistens lung)
Zhi Qiao (eliminates stagnant qi and so properly orders intestines and stoamch)
Po Xiao (descends fire and so opens gloominess)
Xuan Shen (gets rid of stomach fire)
Huang (?) (benfits yuan qi and so properly orders lung channel)
Qing Teng (gets rid of heat)
Da Feng Zi (gets rid of various winds)
(Use only 25 grams of each of the above)
Bing Lang (Kills insects, gets rid of concealment)
Man Jing Zi (gets rid of mushiness[?] and also redness)
Shi Jue Ming (drains liver fire, aslo gets rid of lung channel wind)

Ku Shen (gets rid of large intestine wind)
(Use 45 grams each of the above.)
Mu Tong (drains small intestine's evil water; 30 grams)
Gan Cao (undoes the poison from various medicines; reconciles peacably the numerous flavors; one liang)

The above seventy-two flavors are all cut to make thin slices; use one bucket of child's urine, and take the water after it has settled, filling a ceramic basin; add three jin Lu Gan Shi, soaking it for one day and one night, clarify it again and then soak once more; when it is clear take it out.

Take the Lu Gan Shi and stir it about until the mixture reddens; then add the herbs to the water to soak; do this ten times; let it cool and then remove the Lu Gan Shi; seal in a jar on the sunny side of a wall and fix the seal using sparks; [burn three liters of incense on each jar[?]]; combine the part that rises to the top with herbs used to govern blindness; combine the part that sinks to the bottom with herbs that can govern fire in the eyes; alter the medicinals as follows [below]; if a jar cannot be opened use sparks to loosen the seal; finely grind the [Lu] Gan Shi and volatilize [?] in water; both the pure and impure parts can be used [those that rise and those that sink].

Having prepared the [Lu] Gan Shi (ten liang), add Hu Po (five qian), Zhen Zhu (eight qian), all jumbled into a ball, and made to be extremely fine; Bing Pian (three qian), Guan Peng (three liang; volatilized in a copper vessel), Hai Piao Xiao (six qian, use fresh), Dan Fan (two liang; use copper tile [inextant] to volatilize [?]), Bai Cui (two liang); when it turns red add child's urine, not any particular amount, but until it becomes smooth, then stop; Ying Fen [Hawk Droppings] (three qian, roasted atop Zhu Ye and then finely ground), Xiong Dan (three qian, powdered atop a glazed tile); as for the [genuine stuff?], add Ren Tui [?] (one liang; washed and then fried until yellow and finely ground), Mu Zei (one liang; roasted and then finely ground); Ku Fan (five qian), Qing Fen (three qian), Shen Sha [?] (three qian), Pi Xiao (three qian). That's all of it. Also use the following for various eye diseases, without which it will not work:

If: The eyes are injured by the sun during the day and by sand at night, add Piao Xiao, Shan Hu [coral], Ceng Qing [see below], and Zhen Zhu, each ground extremely finely.
If: There is an illness where black sores hug the eyes, add a little volatilized Ling Sha and Bai Ding Xiang [sparrow droppings], ground together, and mixed evenly with a crow feather.
If: Blood pours from the pupil add small quanitites of Peng [Sha], Ceng Qing (this is Dan Fan), Hu Po, Po Xiao, finely ground.
If: There is corneal opacity, add Bai Cui [?], Piao Xiao, Shan Hu, Zhen Zhu.
If: There are blue-green or red cords, add Qing Fen and Ku Fan.
If: There are cataracts, add Ceng Jing, Xiong Dan, Shan Hu, Hu Po, Zhen Zhu, Shen Sha [?], small amounts.
If: There is flesh pulled over the eye, add a little [Shen?] Sha, Ying Fen [hawk droppings] and Ren Tui.
If: After many years, an elderly person's vision is completely obstructed, use the main recipe as eyedrops. [?]
If: The coldwind causing tearing and the vision is dimming, use the main receipe to cure it; if this doesn't work then add only Bing Pian.
If: There is trichiasis, add Zhen Zhu, Bing Pian and Hu Po.
If there are soft red cords, add Peng Sha, Zhen Zhu, and one extra liang of Tong Lu; also use a penetrating smoke-wash of Ai Ye harmonized with Tian Qie Zhi. Effective.
Apply these herbs externally as eye drops. Modify based on the illness and take until the herbs are used up. One can also use internally, taken in decoction, which is called interiorly and exteriorly mutually governing it. [The author] cured both his mother and children using it.

As for sudden redness and swelling, it is due to extreme wind-heat in the liver channel. Like this: sudden redness and loss of sight, dimness, trouble seeing, a film over the eye, gum and tears in the eye, all these are wind-heat.
Wash the liver brighten the eyes powder
Governs all types of wind-heat with redness, swelling and sores.
Dang Gui Wei, Chuan Xiong Chi Shao, Sheng Di Huang, Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Zhi Zi, Shi Gao, Lian Qiao, Fang Feng, Jing Jie, Bo He, Qiang Ho, Man Jing Zi, Ju Hua, Bai Ji Li, Cao Jue Ming, Jie Geng, Gan Cao (each in equal parts)
Prepare the above in a small cauldron, water-frying; take after a meal. Like this: unbearable pain, add just a small amount of charred Chuan Wu; without extreme pain this is not used. Like this: with cataracts increase Ji Li, Mu Zei, remove Shao Yao.
Extreme wind heat with liver fire add Dan Cao and Chai Hu, remove Bo He; with hard stool add Da Huang, Chuan Xiong, Jie Geng.

Lifting the clear to brighten the eyes pills
Governs all sorts of painful swelling, wind heat eye disease
[Dang] Gui Wei, Chuan Xuing (each six qian)
Sheng Di Huang, Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Da Huang, Huang Bai (wine-fried)
Lian Qiao, Jie Geng, Bo He, Fang Feng, Jing Jie, Qiang Huo, Du Huo, Bai Zhi, Ju Hua, Cao Jue Ming, Mu Zei, Gan Cao (each five qian)

Make a powder from the above, mix with honey to make pills, each the size of Lu Dou. Take 35 pills daily, dose with clear soup morning and evening.

As for illness of longtime dimness, the kidney channel's true yin is slight. With this dimness and weakness one does not desire to look at things, [and there is] interior obstruction appearing as black flowers [see prior comment]. When the pupil scatters, in each case the blood is little and the mind is tired; it is the case that the kidney is vacuous.

Nourish the Kidney, Brighten the Eyes Decoction
Governs tired mind, kidney vacuity, little blood, and painful eyes.

Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Bai Shao, Sheng Di, Shu Di, Jie Geng, Ren Shen, Shan Zhi, Huang Lian, Bai Zhi, Man Jing Zi, Ju Hua, Gan Cao (Use the above reduced by half)
Preparing the above in a small cauldron, add one scoop of delicate tea [chá], and then [ball the ingredients together using lampwick resin[?]]; water decoct and take after a meal. If there is heat add Long Dan Cao and Chai Hu; if there is kidney emptiness add Huang Bai and Zhi Mu; if there is windheat obstruction add Fang Feng and Jing Jie; if there is windheat causing redness and swelling add Lian Qiao and Huang Qin.

Bright Eyes Powder [this is a poem]
Bo He, Gan Cao, together with Tian Ma,
Jing Jie, Fang Feng, sweet Ju Hua;
Dang Gui, Lian Qiao, Gou Qi Zi,
Chuan Xiong, Bai Zhi, Mi Meng Hua;
Take equal parts of each and grind to a thin powder
Serve only three qian daily, taken as a tea;
Please, sir, increase the dose daily,
The eye will see the furtherest corners of the world as though they were close by.

Bright Eyes Di Huang Powder
Generates jing, nourishes blood, Supplements the kidneys, benefits the liver, recedes opacity blocking the eye, gets rid of light-shyness and profuse tearing; equally governs sudden swelling, redness and heat, dispels wind, and brightens eyes.
Huai Sheng Di (wine-washed), Shu Di (each four liang)
Zhi Mu salt (water-fried), Huang Bai (water-fried) (each two liang)
Tu Si Zi (wine-prepared)
Du Huo (one liang)
Sweet Gou Ji (two liang)

Take the above and make a fine powder, mix with honey to make pills the size of Wu Tong Zi. Take 80 pills every day. During the summer months take down with a lightly salted hot soup; during the other months use wine.

Regarding cataracts, it is a liver disease.
Protect the Liver Powder
Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Gou Qi [Zi] Cang Zhu (prepared using water that has washed rice)
Bai Zhu (remove the stems)
Mi Meng Hua, Qiang Huo, Tian Ma, Bo He, Chai Hu, Ben [?], Shi Gao, Mu Zei, Lian Qiao, Xi Xin, Jie Geng, Fang Feng, Jing Jie, (one qian each)
Zhi Zi, Bai Zhi (each five fen[?])
Gan Cao (one qian)
Prepare the above together in one cauldron, water-fried; first eat cooked rice, then take the medicine.

Stirring the Cloud, Receding Concealment, Return Vision Pill
If this medicine is frequently taken; all one's life one's vision will not dim.
Mi Meng Hua, Mu Zei, Bai Ji Li, Chan Tui, Lake Salt (one liang each)
Bo He, Xiang Bai Zhi, Fang Feng, Sheng Gan Cao, Chuan Xiong (cooked with sparrow brains)
Zhi Mu, Jing Jie Sui, Gou Qi Zi, Bai Shao (five qian each)
Hei Zhi Ma (five liang)
Dang Gui (wine-washed, sun-dried, three qian)
Gan Ju Hua (six qian)

Take the above medicinals and grind to a fine powder; mix with honey to make pills the size of marbles. Every day after a meal finely chew one pill; carry down with bitter tea.

As for exterior obstruction, it is a lung disease.
Four bright drink
Governs various eye swelling
Da Huang, Ge Hua, Ze Xie, Shi Jue Ming (in equal parts)
Water fry the above together and serve.

Withdraw the Clouds Powder
Governs veils concealing the pupil
Dang Gui, Sheng Di, Bai Ju Hua, Bu Jing Cao, Mu Zei, Qiang Huo, Shi Jue Ming, Da Huang (wine-fried)
Man JIng Zi, Bai Zhi, Huang Bai, Lian Qiao, Long Dan Cao (use one qian each of the above)
Chan Tui
Prepare the above together, water-fry; take awhile after eating.

Recede Concealment Pill
Governs eye illness of various types where cataracts dim like a spirit
Dang Gui, Chuan Ziong, Bai Ji Li (one liang each)
Di Gu Pi, Chuan Jiao (remove the seeds, seven qian)
Ju Hua, Qiang Huo, Mi Meng Hua, Man Jing Zi, Jing Jie (one liang each)
Bo He, She Tui, Gua Lou Gen, Chu Shi Zi, Huang Lian, Gan Cao (three qian each)
Mu Zei (two liang, soaked in child's urine through the night)
Take the above seventeen flavors and grind together to make a powder; use honey to make pills; one liang makes makes ten pills; take after eating, twice each day. Regarding there being concealment, take down with water which has been used to wash rice; whereas if there is darkening of vision, take down with a decoction of Dang Gui; as for qi stagnation, take down with a decoction of Mu Xiang; as for women with faintness from blood loss, take down with a decoction of Dang Gui and Bo He. Avoid meat, fish and anything made from wheat.

If the eyes can see far but cannot see near, it is the case that fire is abundant and so water is lacking.
Six flavor Sheng Di Pills with Mu Li (Recipe to benefit the vision.) [NO HERBS LISTED--presumeably Shan Yao, Shan Zhu Yu, Sheng Di Huang, Fu Ling, Mu Dan Pi, Ze Xie and Mu Li]

When the eyes can see close but not far, it is the case that there is water but no fire.
Stabilize the Will Pills
Yuan Zhi (Soak in Gan Cao water and remove the heart)
Ren Shen (Remove the stalk)
Bai Fu Ling (Remove the skin and wood)
(One liang each [of the above])
Shi Chang Pu (two liang)
Take the above and make into a fine powder; mix with honey to make pills, coat in cinnabar. Take 20 or 30 pills for one dose; take in the bed with clear soup.

Family Tradition Big Bright Paste
Especially good for curing concealing film pulled over the eye, soft red cord obstruction, blood in the pupil, cold tearing upon facing the wind, fearing the sun, shy of brightness, and -- upon looking at things -- dim vision and unceasing soreness.
Use a still knife or needle to apply eyedrops; three days will produce the desire result; complete recovery after thirty days.
Da Huang, Cang Zhu, Chai Hu, Long Dan Cao, Ben [?], Xi Xin, Chi Shao, Ju Hua (double)
Hong Hua, Huang Bai, Huang Qin, Lian Qiao, Zhi Zi, Jing Jie, Fang Feng, Mu Zei, Huang Lian, Ji Li, Bo He, Qiang Huo, Du Huo, Ma Huang, Chuan Xiong, Bai Zhi, Tian Fu, Man Jing Zi, Yuan Shen, Ku Shen, [Dang] Gui Wei, Mu Tong, Sheng Di Huang, Sang Bai Pi, Che Qian Zi, Zhi Qiao, Pi Xiao, Gan Cao

Take the above and arrange in ten big cauldrons; use child's urine on five and fry until done; [for the other five] use Lu Gan Shi, one jin, cook until red in a charcoal fire and then temper, dipping it in the herbs ten times. Grind to a paste and remove the coarser dregs. Take the herbs and put them in water in a copper basin and roughly boil until dry. Form into cakes and sun dry and then grind into tiny pieces. Fire Xiao Shi (eight qian) and Huang Dan (five fen) and then grind into tiny pieces. Gather these and put them in a porcelain container [with the herbs]. Apply as eye drops. In these cases: corneal opacity, dimness, soft cords, wind in the eye, add a little Bing Pian and then apply.

Poke the Clouds Powder
Governs all eye windheat painful swellings, dimness without clarity, new visual obstructions, and probably heat with extreme redness and unbearable pain. Governs these most effectively.
Lu Gan Shi (fire and then temper in child's urine, five qian)
Zhen Zhu, Dan Fan (five fen each)
Da Pian Nao (half fen)
Shi Xie (one qian)
Shi Yan (vinegared [may be a missing character]), Hu Po, Ma Nao (five fen each)
Gong Peng Sha (volatilized [?]), Chen Sha, Huang Lian (one qian each)
Ru Xiang, Xue Jie (five fen each)
Grind the above into an extremely fine powder, and store in a stoneware vessel. First completely clean the eyes with cold water, then use a silver hairpin to gather a bit of the medicine and use as eyedrops. Will get results after long use. To make an extract blend a small amount with honey.

Case: After suffering eye disease, still had a low-grade fever, the eye was red and filled with gunk; although there was no soreness, the eye was difficult to open. As such, bitter cold herbs would be exessive, such that the zhen qi would be unable to reach through the nine orifices.
Therefore, the eyes would be dim and without brightness. Use Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, removing the Chen Pi, Ren Shen, and Bai Zhu, and adding Fang Feng, Bai Zhi, and Wan Jing Zi [Man Jing Zi]. (This recipe is of great benefit.)
Case: The eyesight was dim; used Six Flavor Pill, adding Gou Qi Zi, Dang Dui, and Gan Ju Hua. (This recipe is of great benefit.)
Case: A Confucian scholar would, at sunset, suffer from tightly astringed eyes such that he couldn't look about. His yuan qi was sunken and hollow. Employed Bu Zhong Yi Qi [Tang], adding double the [Ren] Shen; after several doses he was completely cured. (This recipe is of great benefit.)
[For the benefit of spreading Yu's merit?]: Eyes red and not bright, take to dispel wind and disperse heat medicine; turning from light, deafness, big but empty pulse for the reason of the heart laboring overmuch. Food and drink are poorly regulated. Use Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, adding Fu Shen, Suan Zao Ren, Shan Yao, Shan Zhu Yu; these five flavors will immediately heal. Moreover, for forcing the eyes to work overmuch, use Shi Quan Da Bu Tang simultaneously with the previous medicine; gradually there will be improvement. Indeed using Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, adding the other medicine will bring about the cure. (Together these formulas are of great benefit.)
For every illness, neither ordering the organs of digestion nor nourishing the blood and calming the shen, but treating the branch rather than the root; this is not the proper method of treatment. In such a case one uses acrid, cold and bitter preparations, and so injures the blood and qi with the effect of causing inner eye disease!
Mist-smoke exuded from all a person's canthi. This is liver fire. Use Chai Hu and Huang Lian in equal parts, decocting a large quantity. Take repeatedly and rest in the interim. After several preparation one will recover.

咽喉 yān hóu


结核 jié hé


梅核气 méi hé qì

Plum pit qi

瘿瘤 yǐng liú

Goiter and tumor

肺痈 fèi yōng

Pulmonary welling-abscess

肺痿 fèi wěi

Lung wilting


xīn tòng (jí wèi wǎn tòng)

Heart pain (which is to say epigastric pain)

腹痛 fù tòng

Abdominal pain

腰痛 yāo tòng

Lumbar pain

胁痛 xié tòng

Hypochondriac pain

臂痛 bì tong

Arm pain

背痛 bèi tòng

Back pain

痛风 tòng fēng

Pain wind

香港脚 Xiānggǎng jiǎo

Hong kong foot





消渴 xiāokě

Dispersion thirst