JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2009.1.1

Name of Translator: Nathan Garrettson
Title/Credentials: BS Chinese language

Patent Name Translation: Brilliant Harmony Bear Gall Oil
Characters: 光和熊膽油
Pinyin:guang he xiong dan you
English: Brilliant Harmony Bear Gall Oil

Herbal Company or Creator of Formula:
Characters: 光和藥社
Pinyin:guang he yao she
English: Brilliant Harmony Medical Society

Location of Production:
Characters: 廣州十八甫八十二號
Pinyin: Guangzhou shibafu bashier hao
English: Guangzhou Fu 18 (what’s a fu?) number 82

Notes from Translator:
It is difficult to discern from the image, as the writing on the top portion of the bottle is too small to be legible, but it seems that 光和 may be the company which manufactured this product as the name occurs above as though it were a brand name, and then again in the product name.

The box reads:
Across the top: 適應範圍 shiying fanwei scope/range of appropriate use:
Right hand column: 傷風鼻塞shangfeng bi se wind damage with stuffed nose
Left hand column: 驅風止癢 qufengzhiyang dispels wind stops itching