JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.9

Name of Translator: Sallie McKibben
Title/Credentials: MAcOM Student, BA Asian Studies

Patent Name Translation:
Characters: 斷根哮喘
Pinyin: Duàn Gēn Xiao Chuan Wan
English: Cure Asthma Pills

Herbal Company / Creator of Formula:
Characters: 福田堂
Pinyin: Fú Tián Táng
English: Field of Good Fortune Company

Location of Production:
Characters: 龍港 (2nd character is difficult to read- may be wrong)
Pinyin: Lóng Gǎng
English: "Dragon Habour"- location unknown (correct hanzi?)

Notes from Translator: Characters are difficult to read, especially the 5th (bottom on the right side) and the 6th (top on the left). Translation may be incorrect.

Name of Secondary Translator: Zhenbo Li
Title/Credentials: Native speaker, DAOM