JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.3803

Name of Translator: Fumiko Mori
Title/Credentials: OCOM MAOM student

Patent Name Translation:
Characters: 内用 咳喉散
Pinyin: nèi yòng hāi hóu săn
English: "Internal Use" "Cough (Throat) Powder"

Herbal Company or Creator of Formula:
It looks like a bulk herb formula created at the clinic, not a patent formula.

Name of Secondary Translator: Lin Kong
Title/Credentials: OCOM MAOM student

Corrections/ Suggestions:
Characters: 内用 吹喉散
Pinyin: nèi yòng chuī hóu săn
English: "Internal Use" Blow in Throat Powder

Notes/ Remarks from Secondary Translator: There are several different formulas by the same name (at least 25), but all have similar uses: Chuī Hóu Săn can be used locally to reduce discomfort in the mouth and throat, often prescribed for toxic heat in the mouth and throat (such as reoccurring mouth ulcers).