KWC reference # being : KWC2007.1.321

Name of Translator: Douglas Wingate Title/Credentials: MAOM student

cigar box side one:

Characters: 蔔子
Pinyin: Bo Zi
English: Radish Seed, Raphani Semen

Notes from Translator:
commonly named Lai Fu Zi (莱菔子)
Translation Dr. Ger : (Po-tzu) - "Raphanus sativus".
This translation was difficult and would not have been possible with Dr. Ger's initial translation as the first character does not seem to be in common use or included in the Wiseman dictionary. Fortunately using Dr. Gir's translation I was able to look up Lai Fu Zi (Raphanus) and discover the alternate name of Luo Bo Zi (蘿蔔子)
This source also lists an alternate name of Bo Zi:

This is also the same item as KWC2007.1.3155

Bensky, D., Clavey, S. & Stöger, E. (2004). Chinese herbal medicine: Materia medica (3rd ed.). Seattle: Eastland Press. Pp. 502-504