KWC reference # being : KWC2007.1.311

Name of Translator: Douglas Wingate Title/Credentials: MAOM student

cigar box side one:

Characters: 白介子

Pinyin: bái jiè zǐ

English: White Mustard Seed, Brassicae Albae Semen

Translation Dr. Ger : (Pai-chieh-tzu) - "Sinapis" - MUSTARD.

Most texts use the character (jiè, mustard), as the second character in this herbs name, it is curious that Dr. Hay used the above character for which the pinyin is the same and translates as "to introduce; to lie between; between"

Wiseman, N. (1995). English-chinese chinese-english dictionary of chinese medicine. p. 396

This is also likely bulk herb item KWC2007.1.3424