KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.259

Name of Translator: Tanuja Goulet
Title/Credentials: OCOM MAcOM Student

Paper bag and cigar box (both)

Characters: 白胡椒

English: White Pepper
Notes from translator: looks like white pepper in the photograph of the bulk herb.

Source: Wiseman, N. (1995). English-chinese chinese-english dictionary of chinese medicine. p. 395.

The Paper bag and cigar box say: Bai Hu Jiao, white pepper.

The packet with the faint writing says “nails” characters:
Pinyin: Xiao(3) Xiao(3) Tie (3) Ding(1) Zi(3)
English: Small Iron Nails
Characters: 小小鉄釘子

Little packet, nails inside:
Tanuja asked Zhenbo Li (see below, secondary translator)

Notes from Translator:
Faint writing on the little packet. I was not sure it would be legible.

Name of Secondary Translator: Zhenbo Li Title/Credentials: