JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.19

Name of Translator: Sallie McKibben
Title/Credentials: MAcOM student

Patent Name Translation:
Characters: 洪桂昌
Pinyin: Hóng Guì Chāng
English: ? Surging Cinnamon (Gui Zhi) and Acorus (Chang Pu)

Notes from Translator: It is difficult to read some of the label as it starts to wrap around the bottle. Better pictures are needed. The description of the bottle mentions there being four labels, but the other two sides are not photographed. These labels are needed as well.

Second translator: Julia Ju OCOM student
Front of the bottle: 香港 (Hong Kong)洪桂昌 (Hong Gui Chong) 註册商標 (Register Brand)真像為記 (Proof by real photograph)民十九年加貼此印醫杜假冒(Ming 19 year plus this stamp to prevent fraud)
Back of the bottle: 每食一蹲清茶送下止痛解毒由大小便出不寒不燥统治花柳各症食之精神清癫症重早食一蹲更好 有□□□ (take 1 dun[1] with tea stop pain and eliminate poison eliminating from urination and bowel movement not cold or hot treats (hua liu)[2] low appetite and shen disturbance and convulsion best taken 1 dun in the morning.
  1. ^
    unsure of the amount, it appears to be the character dun however I could not find any reference of that being a quantitative word
  2. ^ unsure of the disease reference