(There are a total of 5 photos wrapping around the entire label on the KWC database)
JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.18

Name of Translator: Beth Howlett
Title/Credentials: LAc, MAcOM

Patent Name Translation:
Characters: 白濁丸
Pinyin: Bái Zhuó Wán
English: White Turbidity Pills

Herbal Company or Creator of Formula:
Characters: 永康
Pinyin: Yŏng kāng
English: Eternal Health

Additional information: from the impartially photographed label, some extra text is visible which states:
Characters: 經前肚痛, 經後肚痛, 經期不_
Pinyin: Jīng Qián Dù Tòng, Jīng Hòu Dù Tòng, Jīng Qī Bù _
English: [For] abdominal ache before the menses, abdominal ache after menses [and when] the duration of the stream is not __ .

Notes from Translator: Typically, the character 經 (Jīng) indicates channels or menses. In this case, given the indications of the formula, the stream indicated appears to be “urinary stream.” I need secondary confirmation that this reading would be correct.

Name of Secondary Translator: Lin Kong
Title/Credentials: Native speaker

Notes/ Remarks from Secondary Translator: Although the indication of the formula is for urinary system, the 經 (Jīng) should still mean menses, and would had use 尿 (niào) , the character for urine, and other supplementary characters to indicate an urinary issue.