JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.170

Name of Translator: Beth Howlett, MAcOM, LAc

Patent Name Translation:
Characters: 沉香滚痰丸
Pinyin: Chén Xiāng Gŭn Tán Wán
English: Chen Xiang (Eagle Wood) phlegm rolling pills

Herbal Company or Creator of Formula:
Characters: 萬春園
Pinyin: Wàn Chūn Yuán
English: 10,000 Spring(s) Garden

Location of Company:
Characters: 舖在粤東省城太平門外十八甫東中約開張
Pinyin: Pù Zài Yuè Dōng Shĕng Chéng Tài Píng Mén Wài Shí Bā Fŭ Dōng Zhōng Yuè Kāi Zhāng
English: The store is outside the Taiping gate in Guangdong provincial [capital] city [Guangzhou] at #18 Dongzhongyue District.

Notes from Translator:
The formula is referenced in the Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine and Formula’s and Strategies.

Name of Secondary Translator: Tsuey-hwa Lai, DAOM, LAc, native speaker

Corrections/ Suggestions: The two outer lines of vertical text are meant to be read continuously. As such it reads as a complete address.

Notes/ Remarks from Secondary Translator: The “10,000 Spring(s)” herbal company name is likely making reference to the “Wan Bing Hui Chun” by Gong Tingxian. This text is also found in Doc Hay’s book collection.

Name of Tertiary Translator: Sallie McKibben
Title/Credentials: MAcOM student

Notes from Tertiary Translator:
This is the same patent formula but manufactured by another company: KWC2007.1.298
KWC Database replication of above item: KWC2007.1.300, KWC2007.1.412