JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.15

Name of Translator: Sallie McKibben
Title/Credentials: MAcOM student

Patent Name Translation: (Running down the middle of the label)
Characters: 效(氣肚)藥
Pinyin: Lì Xiào (Xīn Qì Dǔ Tòng) Yào Sàn
English: Immediate Effect (anger and stomach Pain) Medicine powder

Herbal Company or Creator of Formula: (Running along the top of the label)
Characters: 蘇
Pinyin: Sū Héng ān Táng
English: Return Lasting Peace Company

Characters running down the right side of label:
Characters: 會縣
Pinyin: Yuè Dōng Xīn Huì xian
English: GuangDong New county

Characters running down the left side of label:
Characters: 新溪村開
Pinyin: Xīn xi Cūn kai Zhāng
English: open in Xin Xi town

Notes from Translator:

Most of the characters are really small in this photo and difficult to read. I am not sure how to fit together the four tiny characters in the middle of the patent name (two of which are "heart" and "qi").
*This needs to be translated on location or better photos need to be taken.

Second Translator: Julia Ju OCOM Student 2013

Same item as KWC2007.1.25