JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: KWC2007.1.135

Name of Translator: Sallie McKibben
Title/Credentials: MAcOM student, BA Asian Studies, Certificate Chinese Studies

Patent Name Translation:
Pinyin: Jìn Yǎn Yào Shuǐ
English: Soak Eyes Medicine Water

Creator's Name:
Characters: 萬應
Pinyin: Wan Yìng
English: Ten-Thousand Answers

Company Name:
Characters: 家園
Pinyin: Wǔ Jiā Yuan
English: Wu Family Garden

Location of Production:
Characters: 鋪在四川 北門開張
Pinyin: Pu Zai Sì Chuān Bei Men Kai Zhang
English: Store is in Sichuan Province in the north gate

Second translator Julia Ju OCOM Student

This eyewash might have been used with a glass eyedropper found at KWC: KWC2007.1.116 or possibly with this truss: KWC2007.1.127