JPEG name & KWC reference # being translated: UNKNOWN – this came from file cabinet in interpretive center with files of “unknown books”

Name of Translator: Beth Howlett Title/Credentials: MAcOM, LAc

Book Title:
本 草 求 真
ben cao qiu zhen
An Inquiry into the Materia Medica

Author and Publication Information:


Huang Gongxiu
Jian sheng chen
Jiang xi fu zhou fu yi
Jian sheng chen huang gong [xiu]
Chen zhi huang xue chang jiao zi
Imperial Student (Chen = Gentleman? Official degree title? )
Made in Fuzhou prefecture Jiangxi province
by Imperial Student Huang Gong Xiu
and corrections by his nephew Huang Xue Chang

Notes from Primary Translator:
This text is by Huang Gongxiu was originally written in 1769. Scanning the title page reveals both a printing location (Fuzhou prefecture, Jiangxi province) and confirms the author’s name. The title given to the author is “Imperial student, gentleman Huang…” other markings confirm that this is a book printed officially for formal study during the Qing dynasty. Honestly, there is nothing in the title which suggests annotation, so I believe the book could be original? There is a translated excerpt from the Bencao qiuzhen in the book "Chinese Life Sciences: Introductory Readings in Classical Chinese Medicine” by Paul Unschuld. The excerpt is on Chai Hu (bupleurum).
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